Don’t be scammed. Be savvy.

Always be alert and especially careful when shopping online. “70% of scams happen when buying goods online from fake websites, adverts and social media. If you are buying from somewhere you have not used before, take extra steps to check the product and seller are legitimate before you pay” Santander.

There are sites out there that display amazing looking outfits and accessories, but when the products are received (after waiting for a long time for them sometimes!) they’re of poor quality. It’s not only frustrating but quite hurtful in fact. To help you spot these awful sites, double-check the domain name as they try to imitate legitimate ones. Also as a general rule of thumb be especially careful when you see sites that use .net or .org, as they’re not used for shopping usually.

So you’ve already spent at least an hour looking for that outfit or top, and by now you’ve lost count of how many sites you’ve been on. Give yourself an extra five minutes to check out the site you intend to buy the item from. Have a look at things like their return policy, privacy policy and contact info.

If it’s too good to be true then it probably is. You’ve seen this phrase many times but it’s there for a reason as any of us could fall victim of a scam. Sometimes we act on impulse without a thought of whether the seller is legitimate or not, and that’s what the scammers want. They pray for the moment when we let our guards down, let’s not give them that satisfaction.

Enjoy shopping and stay safe, love dana x

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