Give these a try and value World Mental Health Day

  1. We’re always told to eat our five a day and exercise. What’s overlooked though is the importance of what we feed our minds. I have found that by listening to positive statements or speeches, which can be found on youtube make a huge difference to my outlook on the day ahead.
  2. Some stress is good, but whatever you do don’t get hung up on the things you can’t control. Sometimes these things have a weird habit of working themselves out. Spend more time thinking about the positives in your life, share laughs with friends.
  3. Giving is rewarding. With this in mind, do something positive for someone else. This could be anything from taking time out to see a friend who you haven’t seen for ages or even just showing your gratitude to someone who’s been there for you.
  4. ¬†You are stronger than you think you are, so whatever challenges you’re facing remember this; you can and you will overcome them.
  5. Treat yourself. This is a must for me as it gives me the motivation to complete a given task knowing that I’ve already allocated ‘me time’. This could be anything from enjoying a soak in the bath to having a well deserved fruity cider!

There’s never shame in needing advice or seeking help, this actually shows how strong you are! Someone once said: ‘Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse. It eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better’.




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