Top reasons why I started Dana’s Shoppe

I don’t know if you’ve done this but there have been many occasions when I’ve wanted/needed a good looking outfit and after spending what seemed forever on other fashion sites, I couldn’t find anything and that’s not me being picky, honest! There was just so much choice of the same!

At Dana’s Shoppe, we’re not saying that no one else has similar items to us. What you do get is top quality and trendy outfits at genuinely low prices without the need to always having constant sales and offers. I think everyone will be right to question whether items on these other sites were priced correctly in the first place.

With most independent boutiques if not all in some towns disappearing, that personal touch we all appreciate has gone. These days you have to deal with huge companies who let’s face it just care about profit above everything or anyone else. With us, you’re interacting with a small family-run business who put people first. We genuinely believe in offering the best by always researching and sourcing wonderful outfits at affordable prices.

We always welcome your constructive feedback as we believe in offering the best customer service. Our customers are genuinely at the heart of everything we do.

Dana x

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