No one can deny this year so far has been the strangest and will most likely be talked about for many years to come. Of course, it’s strange adapting to the different restrictions imposed by governments but on a personal level, it’s a strange and exciting feeling that I’m going to be a new mum any minute now! I originally had plans of holding a small party which was going to be a low key, no fuss celebration. However that’s all out of the window now, so my husband and I have decided on holding a small gathering in the garden instead – fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

It’s a lovely thought that we’re able to meet family and friends now that restrictions are being lifted, of course whilst adhering to social distancing. It’s a sense of freedom that couldn’t come sooner as the summer months are slowly escaping us. I’m so looking forward to dressing up and building happy memories with my closest. Best, Dana x

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